About us

WHO WE ARE  The Lakes Association of Kazabazua is a legally chartered group of residents, both seasonal and permanent, who live on the various lakes in the Municipality of Kazabazua, Upper Gatineau, Province of Quebec. Currently, our Association includes (Big) Danford Lake, Small Danford Lake, McConnell Lake, Lyons Lake, McAuley Lake, Shea Lake, Egg Lake, Red Pine Lake, and Farm Lake.


  • Protection of our lakes: Without healthy lakes, our enjoyment of our properties would be dramatically reduced (and property values with them). The Association is very active on “green files”. We monitor the lakes’ condition every year by annual testing for coliform and phosphorous. We keep up to date and promote various shoreline protection initiatives. We have been working for years on the Asian milfoil problem which infests parts of Danford Lake.
  • Advancement of our interests as citizens of Kazabazua: The Kazabazua town council is responsible for numerous bylaws and regulations which impact all residents on the lakes (taxes, garbage collection, snow clearance, municipal zoning, etc.).
  • Community development: As citizens of Kazabazua, we recognize that we must do our part to improve the look and available services in the town.

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO BECOME A MEMBER Not much! Come to our annual meeting and barbecue in July and pay your $40 annual fee. Hear about the above topics and more. Have your say in what we do. Whether or not you decide to become a member, we will be happy to invite you for a hamburger and hot dog barbecue following the meeting.